Livingston County Obituaries


If you have any Livingston County obituaries that you would like to submit, you can e-mail me Annette Liptak

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Names mentioned in obituary

Riggs, Annie Neuman

Riggs, Neuman

Riggs, Charles Wilson

Riggs, Gehring

Dancey, Rev. Jesse

Dancey, Akers, Walker, Ewing

Decker, Nathan F.

Decker, Harris, Cook, Hudson

Decker, Neva Loy

Decker, Davis, Schwarz, Foster

Foster, Nathan J.

Foster, Davies, VanDoren, Fugate, Grandy

Grandy, Nathan S.

Grandy, Merit

Neifing, Nicholas

Neifing, Marks, Milne

Neifing, Sarah Ann

Neifing, Blue, Tharp, Bennett, Algoe

Raymond, Matthew


Liberty, William L.


Gerwick, Verda V.

Gerwick, Estes, Hinthon, Stamm, Moore, Sutton

Ford, Joseph

Ford, Baldwin, Fawcett, Rawlins, Baker, Hall, Brown

Burrell, William Squire

Burrell, Cooper, Reed

Kiley, Maurice

Kiley, Fraher, Kane, Cavanaugh, Saxon

McManigal, Thomas

McManigal, Leonard

East, Mrs. Thomas B. (Carrie Headlock)

East, Headlock, Jussey, Butler

Ivens, Alice

Ivens, Ayling

Denning, Ervan


Denning, Harriet

Denning, Harris, Platt, Morrow, Mantos, Albert, Dietrich, Brokenshire, Robinson, Curry, Garner

Mantos, Hazel Denning

Mantos, Harris, McCabe, Denning, Platt

Matos, Sam

Mantos, Harris, Murdoch, McCabe, Campbell, Kindelberger, Schultz, Durham, Vogelsinger, Turk, George


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