History of Cullom, Illinois

No town in Livingston County gives evidence of prosperity and rapid growth more than Cullom. It is situated in the eastern part of the County, on the Kankakee and Bloomington branch of the Illinois Central railroad. The distance to Chicago is eighty-eight miles and to Bloomington, fifty-three miles. The American Express Company and the Western Union Telegraph do business here. The post office issues money orders and the local telephone company maintains a toll station, located at the grain office of Shearer & Shearer.

The town is situated in the midst of some of the richest agricultural regions in the world, and it is rapidly becoming one of the chief grain points in Illinois. The large elevators and storage bins have a capacity of over 150,000 bushels of grain. The high prices paid by the dealers attract trade outside of the natural limits. During 1897, 500 cars of grain were shipped, containing 300,000 bushels of corn and 200,000 bushels of oats.

The citizens of Cullom and vicinity take a just pride in the character and standing of the business firms of the town and aim to give them a fair share of their patronage. The extent and variety so moderate that there is no excuse for visiting other cities to buy goods. A better idea or the volume of trade may be had from the fact that the charges on freight received for 1897 amounted to nearly $9,000, while on the freight forwarded it was fully double that amount.

The municipal affairs are wisely managed and this, in connection with the good business ability of the citizens accounts for the progress of the town. The present officers of the village are: E. S. Shearer, President; Levi Gingery, Clerk; S. Leiserowitz, S.M. Boeman, Eli Schmidt, F. W. Kingdon, W. Mackison, and F. Flessner, members of the Board of Trustees.

The first settlement was made in Cullom in 1878, and the post office was established in 1879, though the village was not incorporated until 1890. The population is about 500. The growth has been steady and substantial. In 1897, a brick bank building, a large business block and five residences were constructed and other buildings have been completed in 1898. No other town of its size has more advantages to a person seeking a home or a business enterprise. It is noted for its beautiful and shaded streets. An excellent system of public schools is maintained, although the schools have been centralized. There are three schoolhouses in the district and the business of the district is carefully looked after. The Board of Directors is W. Tellinger, President; J. W. White, Clerk, and E. Hack.

The churches are four in number: St. John’s Church, Rev. J. W. Collins, rector;

Methodist Episcopal frame building seating 165, Rev. I. W. Puffer, pastor;

German Lutheran, frame building seating 250, Rev. W. Reinhard, pastor;

And the Mennonite Church, C. S. Houder, Pastor.

Cullom Business Director 1898

H. G. Steinman, Banker

T. Brennan, Barber

John Bass, Barber

M. Greenstone, Clothing

Beyer & Smith, Shoes

S. Leiserowitz, General Merchandise

W. S. Kettinger, Dry Goods, Groceries, Shoes

Flessner & Amacher, Dry Goods, Coal, Lumber and Farm Machinery

Hargreaves Bros., Grain and Coal

Shearer & Shearer, Grain, Coal Lumber, Farm Machinery

J. W. White, Hardware and Post master

Kingdon & Lehman, Hardware and Farm Machinery

Eli Schmidt, Farming Implements, Buggies and Blacksmithing

Weaver Hotel, J. Blackmore Prop.

The Cullom Hotel, Mr. Farmer, Proprietor

G. H. Kennedy, Fire Insurance

L. E. Swope, Justice of the Peace

G. W. Boeman & Son, Livery and Feed Stable

Hatfield & Throve, Livery and Feed Stable

Drew & Brown, Meat Market

Mrs. E. Nothnagle, Millinery

R. H. Jones, Physician and Surgeon

E. H. Smith, Editor, The Cullom Chronicle, $1.50 a year. Est. 1898.

William Raasch, Bakery

H. M. Weast, Bakery and Restaurant and Grocery

W. F. Kurtz, Restaurant

Lawrence Holland, Musical Instruments

Tholen & Decker, Saloon

L. F. Thomas, Saloon

P. Steger, Saloon

Remain & Flynn, Saloon

F. Van Dusen, Photographer

George Hachtel, Shoemaker

Derbrough & Albrecht, Jewelry

G. W. Schutz, Billiard Hall

George Hertlein, Real Estate

George Sathoff, Contractor and Builder

E. Butz Confectionery and Ice Cream Parlor

P. J. Cook, Tinsmith

F. A. Ortman and Co., Tile, Brick, & Lumber

D. J. Shaughnessy, Railroad and Express Agent

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