Wing, Ill. History

Wing is the banner small town in the County for the shipment of grain.  For 1897, 613 carloads were shipped from this point, containing 525,000 bushels. The total number of cars of freight forwarded for the year were 670 cars.  Wing is located in Pleasant Ridge Township, on the main line of the Wabash Railroad, five miles from Forrest. The population is 110. The Western Union Telegraph Company and Pacific Express Company have offices. The school has two department and employs efficient teachers.  The United Bretheran Church is a frame building erected in 1891, costing $900. It has a seating capacity of about 200. Rev. S. B. Clark is pastor of the United Brethren Church and Rev. M. M. McCreight of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

The following re the freight rates to Chicago: First class, 36.66;  second class 30.08; third, 24.34; fourth, 17.86; fifth, 14,28; sixth,  11.98; seventh, 11.09; eighth 8.46; ninth, 6.77; tenth 6.09.

1898 Wing Business Directory:

W. W. Gray, dry goods, groceries, hardware, farm machinery and grain

George Gibb & Son, dry goods, groceries, hardware and farm machinery

E. T. Holloway & Son, grain, lumber and coal

Gibb & Stuckey, grain dealers

W. W. Green, brick and tile factory

E. C. Lewis, blacksmith

Miss Sarah Brundage, millinery

J. B. Sutton, Postmaster

Howe & Newman, Restaurant

C. L. Hord, Railroad and express agent.