Wilson, Ill History


            Wilson is situated in Round Grove Township, on the Indiana, Illinois & Iowa Railroad, six miles east of Dwight and twenty-six miles northeast of Pontiac. The population is 50. The Adams Express Company has an office here. The annual output of tile from this station is 100,000 tiles; the shipments of grain for 1897 were 221 cars; corn 150,000 bushels; oats, 75,000 bushels.


            Wilson Business Directory

            O. W. Finnegan, Barber

            M. K. Mathisen, Dry Goods, Groceries, Farm Machinery, Grain, Lumber

                Coal and Tile.

            M. K. Mathisen, Postmaster

            I. F. Hill, Railroad and Express Agent

            A. J. De Van, Contractor and Builder