Swygert, Ill. History


            Swygert is a prosperous little village on the Kankakee division of the Illinois Central Railroad. In 1897 277 cars amounting to 235,000 bushels of grain were shipped from Swygert. The village has about 50 inhabitants but it is a good shipping point. The charges on freight forwarded for 1897, was $10,866.83. The station is located in Owego Township, 100 miles from Chicago, and five miles east of Pontiac. It has a Western Union Telegraph and American Express office.


            Swygert Business Directory 1898

            Baptist Church, Rev. Mr. Sage, pastor, preaching on alternate Sundays

            Otto M. Miller, General Merchandise

            Middle Division Elevator Co S. F. Slyder, Manager, Grain

            James W. Eisenhower, Coal

            Henry Thomas, Painter and Paper Hanger