QUERIES WILL BE POSTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please just post a query only if you have a link to Livingston County, Illinois. Make the query brief so we will be better able to assist you in your search. Queries will be posted for our searchers to respond to. Your hosts will reply only if we have pertinent information about your family. Thank you for visiting our County Page. We welcome any Livingston County Information you would like to share with our visitors. Feel free to email me. Happy Hunting. ANNETTE

RYAN: I'm looking for a listing in the 1870 Livingston County, IL Census for John and Johanna (or Julia) RYAN, both born in Ireland. Any help with this family appreciated! SUE FRITZ 12/28/97

MARTIN,HIBBARD,TARRANT Looking for relatives or descendants of Allen MARTIN. He married Luciuda(Lucinda) HIBBARD, who later died near Cullom, Illinois, in 1886. Possible children are William C. MARTIN, Minnie MARTIN, and Marena MARTIN who later married a TARRANT. JACK MARTIN 12/24/97

BLISS: Am searching for GEORGE & MARGARET BLISS. Settled in Fairbury area in 1878. Did they die in that area or move on to who knows where? DALE WILSON West Des Moines ,Iowa 12/19/97

GROSH: I am looking for information on a John Fredrick GROSH. Land sales show land purchases made May 4, 1853; for 160 acres in Livingston Co., Illinois. This was Section 27, township 28N. And another purchase on October 30, 1854. Also in Livingston Co., 160 acres, twnshp 28N. Both were Federal Sales. GROSH, was my great grandmothers' maiden name. Her parents parents married in Illinois, in 1867. And I believe that my great grandmother and her husband also were married in Illinois. Any info on any GROSH line would be helpful. Thanks. SUE WILSON 12/16/97

LOUDERBACK: My ancestor, William Louderback, born 1833-35 to Thomas Louderback, married Lucinda Virgella Hallam, dau. of Charles, and was in Civil War. She died 1861 leaving dau. Serrisa Isadora, who m. Walter Levin Dice and lived and died as Dora Dice.....she was raised by grandfather...and there are papers in National Archives for her as orphan of William Louderback and I have tintype photo of her and her uniformed father....yet I cannot locate him on the Ill. database or your site as a soldier...He died May 1864 (heard from Civil War wounds????) Do you have anything on this family? JOYCE METZGER 12/11/97 (NOTE FROM ANNETTE: The Civil War database in still a work in progress, I did find Joyce's family members and have notified her)

BAKE/MOSIER/DOXEY -- Asher and Polly BAKE, her aunt Matilda MOSIER, and her cousin, Charles Taylor DOXEY, all were in Livingston County by the early 1860's. Am interesting in exchanging info with anyone working on these lines. Please email JOHN LAIRD 12/7/97

CARLIN, DOODY, DUNN, MURRAY, WHITE, HANLEY, DEGNAN, BERDINE: I am interested in receiving information on my ancestors who lived in McLean and Livingston counties and who came from Ireland in the mid-1800s. Names include Carlin, Doody, Dunn, Murray, White, Hanley, Degnan and Berdine. Many of them were born in Lexington and Fairbury and also are buried in Chenoa. JIM CARLIN 12/7/97

FRANKS/SAATHOFF: I'm told I have many SAATHOFF relatives buried at Rooks Creek Cemetery near Graymont but I'm more interested in finding living descendants of Hio and Phebe FRANKS SAATHOFF who made their home in Fairbury, Livingston Co. Phebe FRANKS was originally Wubke FRERICH, daughter of Gerd FRERICH of Ostfriesland. Hio was born Hayo A. SAATHOFF in Catharinenfeld, Ostfriesland. They had at least six children. Hio died in 1924 and Phebe in 1936, both in Fairbury, IL. I have lots of information to share on SAATHOFF ancestors, including siblings of Hio. Would like to know more about Phebe's family. AMY TJADEN 12/1/97

CARNER, SERENO: died in Pontiac, IL 17 Nov 1909. Am seeking an obit on Sereno. Need to know wife's name, children's names etc. Thank you for responding.BONNIE RAMS





CARNER, RAY: died August 1967 in Pontiac, IL. Am seeking an obit from the newspaper about him. I want to know wife's name, children's names. etc. Thank you for responding BONNIE RAMS 11/27/97




HUFFNAGLE: My father and his real brother were born in Livingston county, at St. James Hospital. My fathers name was Charles Gordon, born Jan. 4, 1928, and his brother was Herbert Clark, born February 20, 1927. My grandmother adopted them both on March 1, 1932. I have birth certificates for both signed and dated at Springfield, Il. on the March 1st, 1932 date. My grandparents who adopted them were Robert and Jean Huffnagle. They knew (we believe) what my dad and his brother's real names were but never told anyone and my dad has never wanted to know. There are 5 kids by my parents and 19 grandchildren. We would like to find out who my dad really is for health records and family geneology. I have file #'s on both birth certificates. Can you help me or direct me to someone who could. My mom has always felt that maybe the brother Herbert's middle name Clark may have been his real mother's maiden name. Maybe just a hunch? Let me know anything if you can. SHARON HUFFNAGLE HANDS 11/22/97




PHOTOGRAPHER : I was in New York doing some research a few weeks ago and found what I think is a picture of my husband's father when he was a young man. The picture was taken at a E.M. Phillips in Fairbury, Ill. do you have any information on when this studio could have been in business? Who would I locate to do any research as to whether or not Carl lived near or in this town. PAM REAMER 11/20/97




HAAG, LAWRENCE: I am looking for information on the grandfather of a friend of mine. The man I am looking for is LAWRENCE HAAG. He was born and raised in Livingston Co. I'm not sure when he would have been born but my friend is about 70 and it was her grandfather. I would really appreciate any information at all that you could send me. JOHN BARNES 11/18/97




OSBORNE, MILTON: Looking for Milton OSBORNE and family possibly Ancona area. Could someone check 1860 census. for me . Thank you . JERRY TARVIN 11/15/97




KELLY/KELLEY, MILLS, RIGHTER AND BACON: - Timothy U. Kelly married first wife in Trumbull County, Ohio, and had children: Yulman, John and Elizabeth KELLY; Then married Nancy Mills 12 March 1842 in Lordstown, Trumbull County, Ohio. Their children included - Celestia, Azariah, Mary, Seymour, Emma, Chalotte, Francis and William KELLY. Timothy, Nancy and all children moved to Saunemin Township, Livingston County, sometime around 1860. Celestia married Walter RIGHTER. Emma married Oliver BACON. Timothy died before 1900 and Nancy died after 1900. Need any help you can provide with ancestors and descendants. TF MILLS 11/6/97




McDONALD/BENNET: I am looking for information on the McDonald/ Bennet family of Fairbury. Michael Mc Donald and his wife Emily Bennet, both from Ireland, came to the United States and settled Illinois. In 1887 their first child, Margaret was born in Fairbury. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. GWEN A. BEERY WOODS 11/3/97




NANCE: I found a cousin in the SSDI, Lawrence Nance, born Oct. 8, 1919, died May 17, 1988. His last known address was Chatsworth, Livingston Co, IL. Need advice on where to write for an obit. Thanks for your consideration. ROBERT NANCE 11/3/97




TINDALL : My Great grandfather Augustus TINDALL lived in Piper City, Illinois in the late1800's. He was married to Mary Alice PATTERSON on October 1, 1873 in Piper City. He was born October 22, 1846 in Rock Island County, Ill. He and his wife had 5 children, one (Verne) was my grandfather. The family moved from Illinois in the early 1900's. I am just starting in geneology so I am not very knowledgeable about how to get information about this family. I have no information at all about this PATTERSON family. KAY TRICE




LEHR-HEINS FAMILY: I am looking for information about the Adam Lehr-Catherine Sophie Heins Lehr family in Pontiac, Weston, Chenoa area. The 1900 census shows Adam and Catherine living with brother Gearge Lehr in Avoca township . Catherine's family was Henry and Metta Heins. Both list birthplace as Germany and had been in United States several years. Both came from very large families. I have several names but no birthdates or birthplaces. Adam and Catherine are buried in Chenoa . Adam dob 9/16/1867 dod 3/23/41.Catherrine dob 11/04/1878 dod 6/4/37. My father-in-law was adopted by them in 1907. My husband believes both families immigrated fom Germany about the same time. We would like to find information on the following surnames, Lehr, Heins, Rabe. Schnickerdanz. ANNA LEHR 10/26/97




FULTON, JOHN B.: I have been trying to locate information on Dr. Fulton's Civil War Duty. He was supposed to been serving in his medical capacity. He lived and worked near Fairbury and Pontiac. They later moved to NE he has the civil war marker on his grave there. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I can't find regiment or company of anything. THANK YOU 10/20/97




BUTZ: Researching Butz family in Livingston County. Leander Wellington Butz and wife Virginia Matheney, migrated from Adams County, Ohio, circa 1870. Would like to correspond with anyone doing research on this family. JEAN AUSTIN TOLLE 10/20/97




GERBICK: Obit of Royal D. (possibly David) GERBICK date of death 19 nov 1944 in Freeport, Livingston Co. IL. I believe this connects to family in Virginia. The name Royal David shows up in later context. SHIRLEY HARTMAN 10/14/97




MATHENEY: Virginia Matheney, migrated from Adams County, Ohio, circa 1870. Would like to correspond with anyone doing research on this family. JEAN AUSTIN TOLLE 10/19/97




AYGARN: Are listings available showing burials in the county? Searching for Christopher AYGARN, died in Oak Forest, and buried at PONTIAC, 1929. I called Southside and they do not have him listed. His wife and some children are buried at Rowe. Any suggestions? RON TUCKER 10/17/97




COMPANY C: I am looking for descendants of soldiers who served with Company C of the 39th Illinois Infantry, which organized in Pontiac. RESEARCHER 10/7/97




WEBB, GEORGE: Looking for information on George Webb who died about 1869 or before in Illinois. He married Elizabeth Pickett who was born in 1837 in England to William Churchill Pickett and Sarah Brett. They had children: Albert born March of 1862-65 and Frank born April 6, 1867, both born in LaSalle County, Illinois. There may have been a sister, Sarah, who may have married Frank Carr. Albert married Minnie about 1886. She was born in July of 1861 in Germany. They lived in Thornton Township, Cook County, Illinois 1900-20. They had children Amy born in Sept. of 1887 and James born in January of 1895, both born in Illinois. Frank left home and changed his last name to Sherman. He worked for the railroad and settled in Greenville, Iowa where he was postmaster and had a store. He may have married and divorced before that. He married Mary Elizabeth Frances Syra (Bessie) on March 21, 1904. They had two children, David Fountain, born in February of 1905 and Margaret Leno, born April 11, 1907. They moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and bought a store there. Frank died Oct. 30, 1926. Elizabeth Pickett Webb married Martin Riling on Feb. 27, 1870, in Livingston County, Illinois after George Webb died. They had a son, David. Elizabeth and David moved to Nebraska after 1920 where Elizabeth died on Oct. 25, 1924. DIANE HEURING




NEUDECKER: Compiling NEUDECKER genealogy. Many lived in Marine IL in lat 1800's. Have some information from madison Co. atlas but need information on descendants NANCY NEUDECKER SAMPSON




BESSIE ISHAM WAIR: We are doing research on the family of Theodore H. WAIR who was born about 1869 MO. His parents were James and Elizabeth WAIR. Theodore WAIR married Bessie G. ISHAM at LaSalle Co. IL in 1901. Bessie ISHAM was born 1882 in Utica, LaSalle Co.IL to Holsey ISHAM and Emma SMITH. Theodore WAIR and Bessie ISHAM had these children; Theodore born in LaSAlle Co.IL, Helen born LaSalle Co.IL, Nina born Denver Colorado, and the following that were all born in Cass Co. IA: Lela, Lulu, Hazel, Bessie, Rodney. Before Theodore WAIR's marriage to Bessie ISHAM he lived in Livingston Co.IL where he taught school. Theodore WAIR attended Valpraiso University, Valpraiso, IN. He was teaching school when Bessie WAIR met him. If you could help me with this family I would appreciate it. I do have information that I will share with you. PAT McCORD




CARLIN, MURRAY, DOODY, DUNN, HANLEY & BORDINE (BURDINE). Brian Carlin immigrated from Ireland and died in Fairbury in 1929. He is buried in Chenoa. He married Brigid MURRAY on 12-3-1857. Their children were Margaret, Bridget, Patrick (died in Kankakee in 1937), Anna, Katherine, Brian, Mary and Bernard Francis Carlin (5-8-1870 in Lexington to 11-21- 1950 in Saginaw, MI). Some may be buried in Chenoa. Bernard Francis CARLIN married Katherine White on 9-5-1899 in either McLean or Livingston Counties. John WHITE, her father, was born in Ireland 2-15-23 and died 3- 9-1905. Katherine DOODY was the daughter of Matthew DOODY (1814-1889)and Catherine WHALEN (1812-1888). There children were: Mary (White) HANLEY, Anna WHITE, Cecilia WHITE. He is buried in Chenoa. One of his chilkdren, Mary, wed John HANLEY. They owned a farm in the area which was a Bi-Centennial Farm .ANN CARLIN




LAMBERT and HUGHES FAMILIES : LAMBERT, John Deloss born 1824 in New York married HUGHES, Catherine born 1834 in Pennslyvania. They were married in 1853 at Earlville (LaSalle) Ill. Catherine's parents were Edward Hughes and Mary Hise. Catherine and John D. had 13 children (Flora, Lottie,Edward J., Theodore W., J. William, Henry D., Eudora, Georgianna, Elizabeth, Hattie B., Nettie M., Minzo, Stella). These children married into the families of TUTTLE, KINGHAM, CATLETT, JONES, DAVIS, MATTHEWS, JAGGERS, COFFMAN, SHAFFER and WATKINS. John and Catherine LAMBERT were in LaSalle, Kendall and Livingston counties. Can anyone help me on any of these families especially the LAMBERT OR HUGHES families? . VIRGINIA DIAL




COPES, ROBERT: Tradition lists Robert COPES as one of the earliest trader/trapers out in IL. A listing of one son-in-law, Henry LUNDY ; printed in 1888 for Newton Township, Livingston, IL; tells about this man and numerous children; Susannah, Mary (Polly),Thomas, etc. Polly married Henry Lundy; Susannah married Amos Lundy ( my 2 G.Grandfather). I have pictures of gravestones for all listed in a Newton Cemetary, but have never found details Robert's wife, origin nor parents. We believe his wife must have been an Indian, (she died out in the wilderness and Susannah "walked her little bro. and sisters to civilization as soon as she could get out of the snow bound cabin". Would love to know more! Especially vital statistics and sources. RESEARCHER 10/5/97




HENKINS/STEPHENS: Searching for parents of Elizabeth Henkins Stephens, wife of Dr. Stacy Stephens. Possibly from the Strawn area. Elizabeth's husband, Dr. Stacy Stephens, was first doctor in Strawn. JANICE DOWELL 9/2897




ROWLANDS: My grandfather, William J. Rowlands, was born in September of 1901 or 1902. He is said to have been raised in Pontiac, Illinois, but he could have been born in Liverpool, England. Do you have any record of a Rowlands family in Pontiac, Illinois, at the beginning of the 20th century? JOHN KOHLER Roanoke, VA 9/27/97




ELDON: I am looking for information on relatives with this last name. They came from Cumberland England around 1890 - 1920. James and Edward Eldon went to Illinois and their brother John went to Michigan. I am from the Michigan brother. We are looking for relatives of the other brothers. CATHY from Michigan 9/23/97




GARDEN (GARTON?): Looking for information regarding the family of Elizabeth GARDEN who was born in 1879 in Odell, Livingston Co., IL. She was the daughter of Peter GARDEN (GARTON?) and Caroline BECKER. A family story relates that Peter "worked for the railroad, building bridges". Elizabeth married Aaron MILLER in 1903 in Bremer Co., Iowa. CHARLENE A. MILLER 9/21/97




MITCHEL/TRAVIS : Researching Francis TRAVIS, born 1/13/1854, in Fairbury, Ill. Married Edward G. MITCHEL, date unknown. Children: Zelpha, 1875; George Clayton, 1887; Emmerson, unknown. Francis, Zelpha and George Clayton left Illinois but believe Edward and Emmerson remained there. Main emphasis on Edward G. MITCHEL, Francis TRAVIS, and Emmerson MITCHEL. NANA JONES 9/7/97




KELLY: Would like to share any and all data about this Kelly family that migrated to Livingston County from Ireland (of course.) Children included William, James Stewart, Elizabeth Jane, Samuel, Anna M., Edward, Sarah Isabelle, Joseph, and Charles. My wife, Brenda Kelly, need to find out about distant uncles and aunts. Please help, either by email or snail. Thanks in advance. BOB & BRENDA PRUITT ,5605 Donald Court Camby, IN 46113 9/7/97




SHUMAN, FRANK O: Seeking information on FRANK SHUMAN b Aug 1867 Noble County, Ohio. Reportedly died Pontiac, Illinois abt 1904. Believe married in Illinois? Wife Ada G FEY (FAY)(parents Sarah Ann ELSTEN/James FEY) b abt 1869, children Kate Fey SHUMAN b 1897, Stanley SHUMAN b abt 1900, and Georgina Elsten SHUMAN b May 1904. Wife and daughters returned to Noble County after death of Frank. Would like marriage confirmation, death records or obit, and place of burial for Frank. Also, seeking descendents of, or information on, son Stanley. Thanks, NANCY MISEL 9/1/97




KELSO: Do you have any information on a family named "kelso" who lived in or around Fairbury, Illinoisin the late 1800's? They had a son named Francis Clyde Kelso, who was born on May 7, 1890. Unfortunately, Idon't have any other information since all Ihave is my grandfather's death certificate. Thanks! EMAIL 8/30/97




PEARSON, ARTHUR: I am looking for the dependents of Arthur Pearson Family? They are related to the De Wit(t) Clinton Miller Family. Sarah Francis (Sally) is a daughter from this family. The Miller Family lost track of Sarah when she married Arthur Pearson. They moved to Pontiac, Illinois. Arthur and Sarah were married in Howard County Missouri. in 3-10-1888. Their children were Pearl, Elda Mae, Lyle-Arthur, Howard DeWitt, Ruth Margaret, Kenneth Miller. Any help would be very much appreciated. SUSAN MILLER 8/27/97




BELL- BUTTERFIELD: I have been trying for some time to find the parents or siblings of my Great-Grandmother. Her name was Lydia Susannah Bell. She was born in Barnesville, Ohio -- October 22, 1853. She married Orville Murray Butterfield April 2, 1878 in Dwight, Illinois and moved to Marseilles, Illinois, LaSalle County. If anyone has any information on any Bell's who might have resided in Livingston, County between 1855 and 1875 please e-mail. I would be happy to exchange information on her family. Thank you. DENNIS BUTTERFIELD 8/25/97




CAIRNS, MOSES: b 31 Aug 1847 Belmont Co Oh d Dec 1900 in Pontiac, Ill. buried in South Side per family obituary clipping. Interest in whether his children are buried there. ADELLA CAIRNS LYONS wife of HOWARD were in Livingston Co. as late as 1943. GERTRUDE "NORA" CAIRNS McGREGOR wife of Louis were in Livingston Co. as late as 1943. B. FERRELL 8/25/97




LARSON-LARSEN A.K.A. GISMERVIG: I am searching for my gggrandmothers birth and parents. Gertrude LARSON b 6 Dec.1866 in Pontiac, Livingston, Il. to Lars LARSON (LARSEN a.k.a. GISMERVIG) and Matilda (HETLAND) LARSON. The old family correspondence show she had a brother OSCAR LARSON and a sister named SOPHIA LARSON who married a HENDRICKSON and lived in Nodaway, Ia. in late 1890's early 1900's. I have no information on the Hetlands. ANY info would be appreciated. CHARLENE WAMHOFF 8/25/97




CARTMILL, WILLIAM: Wanted any kind of information on William CARTMILL b. 1823 KY married Maria Burton 11-14-1850. They had the following known Children: John T. b. 1853, Mary E. b. 1854. Louisa F. b. 1857, Polly A. b. 1859. William is the son of John and Rebecca CARTMILL married 2-21-1822 in Bath Co. KY. He is listed on 1860 Census in Livingston County. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank You. EARLIENE KAELIN 8/21/97




TUTTLE, ZOPHER: I am looking for any information on the Zopher Tuttle family who came to LaSalle County by 1845-1850, and resided in Brookfield. I have some indication that Zopher may have married there in 1848, to Eliza Shepard. Looking for that confirmation, and any other information about the family, i.e., when they arrived, land holdings, etc. They moved over to Livingston County by 1870. Other names of interest: Betsey Tuttle, Salmon Tuttle, Ella Frances Tuttle, Lizzie Tuttle, James Tuttle, James Dorsey, Sarah (Galbraith) Dorsey, John Dorsey, Elvira (Shepler) Dorsey, Betsey (Bowlby) Tuttle I appreciate any help, and can be reached at BUFFIE SMITH 8/20/97




TODDEN: Am seeking information about William and Sarah REDD TODDEN of Livingston County, IL. Their son, Henry George TODDEN, was born in Fairbury, IL in 1884. William TODDEN is listed in Avoca Township, Livingston County, IL in 1860. Any help appreciated! SUE FRITZ 8/19/97




CUNNINGHAM, LEWIS C. : Looking for information on Lewis Cunningham b: 18 Mar. 1825 Union Co., IN - came to Livingston Co. between 1850 and 1860 - d: 16 Dec. 1892 and is buried in Payne Cemetery. Lewis had 4 children by first wife, Sarah Retherford - S. Leander, John W., Robert H., and Margaret E. ; had 1 child by second wife, Mary A. Retherford - Francis Marion (my g-grandfather). I haven't been able to determine a connection between Lewis and the Cunningham family that settled in McLean Co., except that both were from IN. Trying to find parents of Lewis and also more on his children from first wife. KATHE CURLESS 8/17/97




FIELDS, ROSLYN CLE-ELUM: Looking for information on ROSYLN CLE-ELUM FIELDS. This is a town or an area where coal mining was being done. My gg grandfather Geo.Moore GREEN was superintendent of this mine and others in the area. Problem is I don't know where THAT is. Any info appreciated CARMEN LUELLMAN 8/10/97




FIELDS, ELMER: I have been searching for a link to my father, Elmer Louis (or Lewis) Fields, who was born in Streator, Ill in 1899 (this according to my birth certificate. Have not been able to obtain a birth certificate for my father. I know that Streator falls in two counties but wonder if anyone might have any information on a Fields family in this county. My information indicates thay were farmers. WILLIAM MORRIS 8/10/97




GIBBS: I am looking for information on Stephen Gibbs. Sorry I have no date of birth. He married Lizzie Lockmiller Jan 26, 1907. I am told that Stephen was born in Acoye, Livingston County, Illinois. Need parents and siblings. Am told some of his descendants still live there today. Stephen is buried at a cemetery in Houston, Missouri. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance TAMMIE 8/7/97




LIGHTY, PRATER: I'm looking for more information about my ancestors who lived in Chatsworth Ill. My father's name was Dwaine William dob02 Aug 1915, dod Mar. 1974. I believe his father changed his name from Leighty, but need to document that. His father's name was Elmer Rollin Lighty. There were 10 children, but I have their names and no dates of birth or death. Elsie, Minnie, Herschel, Albert, Letha, Raymond, Ernie, Ruth, Alma. My Grandmother's maiden name was Sarah Jane Prater. Thank you in advance for any help. Elmer M. ELMER LIGHTY 7/31/97




GIBB/YOUNG: Info on my ggrandparents, John GIBB, b.Scotland, abt. 1845; m.Helen YOUNG, b. Scotland abt 1845. Immigrated to US,daughters Margaret, Nettie, Jennie, Mary, Kathie,Helen; son Walter Scott; All born in Fairbury (near as I can tell).Ggrandpa left the family in 1864 to 1866 when he went to look for gold in Montana. Returned in 1866 and later moved the family to Montana. Will certainly appreciate any info available. AL SCHOFIELD 7/30/97




ALBERS/JANSSEN/ERKS/SCHLEUTER/MANHUSEN My ggrandparents are: Renke ALBERS, b Jul 1818, "Germany" "Hannover" "Prussia" ?? and Janke JANSSEN, b Jul 1844, "Prussia" "Germany" ?? Per that census, he immigrated in 1867 and she came in 1869. They were married in 1869 in Pekin, Tazewell Cty. They were in Pekin for the 1870 census but in Flannagan by 1880 [Nebraska township, dwelling and family no. 147]. They never spoke any English and their names are spelled differently every time they were written down by someone else. The spellings above came from my grandparent's marriage license and I expect are the most accurate. Other versions were: Renke Alberts [1870 census]; Reinkin Albert [1880 census]; Rauk Alberts [1900 census] Siks Ganke [their marriage record]; Janken Alberts [1870 census]; Annie Albert [1880 census]; Gauken Alberts [1900 census] The 1900 census indicates that Janke had 5 living children which matches what I was told, i.e. she was married before and had 2 children already when she married Renke. Their children together were: Trientje (Katie) ALBERS, b 17 Jan 1869, Pekin, Tazewell Co, IL Jacob ALBERS, b 1873, IL [probably Tazewell] Johanna (Jennie) ALBERS, b 28 Dec 1878, IL [probably Tazewell] The 1870 census shows the other children as: Dorethea Tiemers, age 10, F, born in IL [which doesn't match her immigration date} Henry Tiemers, age 6, M, born in IL [which doesn't match her immigration date} They are not with the family in 1880. Their daughter, Trientje (Katie) ALBERS married William ERKS in Flanagan, December 20, 1888. These were my grandparents. Their first 9 children were born in Flanagan. They moved to Iowa and then South Dakota. Trientje died in 1911. After her death, the younger children [such as my father] had little further contact with the Flanagan relatives. Trientje is the Dutch for Christina and she was known as Katie, even on some official records. Their older children remember that she spoke a "different German" than William did. William ERKS is from Ostfriesland. The names Renke, Janke, and Trientje are very Dutch so the ALBERS may have also been from Ostfriesland, Fresia, or Holland. The articles I've read about Ostfriesland indicated that large groups immigrated from there in the late 1800's and that they were very clannish and tended to stick together and intermarry after coming to America. The ERKS children had similar Dutch sounding baptism names but used English versions for everything. My older aunts reported that Janke was married first to someone named SCHLEUTER and had a son named Harm and a daughter named ?? who married a MANHUSEN. But that doesn't match the names on the 1870 census and they may have been confused. One aunt remembered visiting Renke and Jannke in Flanagan, IL, when my father was an infant and before the next brother was born which would have been in about 1908. She remembers Renke as being blind which is also indicated as "Misc. Information" on the 1880 census. She remembers him working as the janitor at a church in Flanagan. Jacob ALBERS is in the 1920 census with a wife named Edna and a 1-1/2 yr old son named Clyde. His brother-in-law, Dan Zehr, was also living with them. I remember Jacob ALBERS visiting my family in California in the 1950ís. He still lived in Flanagan, IL at that time. Johanna was known as Jennie. She married a man named ZEHR and also lived in Flanagan. She died in August of 1985 in Flanagan at age 107! Years ago I corresponded with her daughter but have since lost contact. No one else in my family has any contact with any of the ALBERS family in IL. So, what I'm looking for first would be any death record of Renke or Janke. My father is now 90 and has an older brother and 2 older sisters still living. They have so much fun when I find something and share it. GRETCHEN KOHL 7/27/97

Note from Annette: Attention Flanagan residents, above contains a lot of names, some of which I know are still in the area, could you help Gretchen with her search?




SMALLWOOD/OLOMON: Looking for info on Allie Smallwood, born ca 1900 in Jefferson County, IL. Her father was John Henry Olomon. Allie was living in Forest, IL, in 1940. JIM DEAN 7/26/97




FLESSNER/VAN BOENING: I have several known and unknown ancestors buried at the Chatsworth Cemetery and have been trying to locate someone that can provide a list of burials. Flessner and Van Boening in particular. Any info you can provide will be appreciated. ROTH 7/26/97




TALLMAN/McDOUGAL: I am looking for death information for my father's mother Minnie. My father's father Elmer Tallman died in 1895, and is buried in the Odell cemetery. She married John McDougal in 1900 in Cornell, Il. Her maiden name was Chew and her birth date was somewhere around 1869. On a recent visit to Pontiac, I was unable to find a death record of either Minnie or John McDougal. It is possible they are buried in the St. Paul cemetery at Odell. Any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated. JACK TALLMAN 7/24/97




GARTZKE: I am seeking any information regarding the Wilhelm (William) Gartzke family. According to the 1880 census he was living in Germanville township in Livingston county. It is believed that he had a sister by the name of Friederike who married a Wilhelm Kant. Any help would be appreciated. KEN GARTZKE 7/24/97




GATES/LONGNECKER: Seeking information on JAMES GATES b. ca. 1821 OH, d. 1900 Livingston Co., IL. Married Elizabeth LONGNECKER 29 Dec. 1842 in Tippecanoe Co., IN. Children: Ellen, Emily, John, Rufus, Emily and Lucy. NEED PROOF of JAMES GATES mother. Is there a death record? Am also interested in information on descendants of JAMES and ELIZABETH GATES. Any information will be greatly anticipated and appreciated! ADINA DYER 7/24/97




WILSON, TAYLOR, BROTHERS: Need Marriage information on William WILSON marrying an Anna TAYLOR (maiden name) or Anna BROTHERS (widowed name) abt 1865 in Fairbury, Livingston, IL. William Wilson b: 1813 Ireland and Anna Taylor born 1838 in Castlecomer, Ireland . Thanks, REUBEN HERNANDEZ 7/24/97




REEB: Seeking tombstone inscriptions and/or any other information to help document the genealogy of the REEB family who resided in Livingston County, Illinois. .JOHN V. REEB 7/21/97




RICE: Seeking information on Claude and Lafary Rice family living in Forrest , Livingston County , IL. in 1950. Thank you in advance for your time and help. TOM M. OATES 7/16/97




BRANZ, JOHN: My gg grandfather was John Branz. He lived in Long Point and Dana. I have a record of his death in 1913 from the Pontiac courthouse. Could you recommend a source for obituary info for that area and time? John and his wife Anna (Margarethe) are buried in Dana . W.J. BRANZ 7/13/97




DOWNING & GRAYUM: Need info on descendants of Harrison DOWNING and Jane E. GRAYUM for Grayum genealogy. Known children are Louisa, b. 1839, m. George SPENCER, Frank, b. 1841, d. 1874, Honora Medora b. 1845, Mary Elizabeth b. 1847, Samuel, b. 1849, d. 1874, and Flora, b. 1854. Who did the girls marry? When did Harrison die? He was not found on the 1900 census. Is anyone doing look-ups for Livings Co.? This family was found in Pontiac, Livingston Co. on the 1860 and 1870 census, and Jane was on the 1900, widowed. CAROL AUSTIN 7/13/97




PERRY: Searching for death record of James Madison PERRY. In Obit for his wife, Emily Gibson Perry, it was reported that he died in Pontiac, Livingston County, Illinois, of a stroke while on a business trip there in 1869. However, I found him listed in 1870 Census for Pontiac, Livingston County, Illinois, with his son, William Warman Perry. I contacted IRAD, Williams Hall, Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, and they reported that there was no listing for him in the Livingston County Probate Index. James Madison Perry was a physican in Livingston County and Woodford County in the 1860's. Any help you can give me would be most appreciated. Thank you. CORA E. THOMAS 7/6/97




LUCHT: Have been trying to locate any information on the LUCHT family. I know of a J.J. Lucht b. 1896 in Milford, Il and his wife Emma L. they lived in Livingston county for many years. They had a possible photo shop on or near Station St., in Kankakee. He was to have written a family history on the family and believe he may have belonged to the historical society, but have not been able to locate the society in Livingston co. If anyone can be of assistance please EMAIL 7/6/97




CARTMILL/CARTMELL, JOHN and REBECCA: I am Looking for information on John and Rebecca CARTMILL/CARTMELL. Rebecca is listed on the 1860 Livingston County census. John died circa 1856/1860, Rebecca's death date is unknown. They also lived in DeWitt and Sangamon Counties but can find no burial site there. Rebecca's maiden name was HENDRICKS b. abt. 1808 N.C., they were m/ 2-21-1822 Bath Co. KY and migrated to Illinois around 1832. I know that they had at least four children: William H. b. abt 1825KY.,Polly b. abt 1831 KY, Tarlton b. abt. 1839 IL, Julia Ann b. 6-18-1832 IN m/ GEORGE F. DAVENPORT 5-17-1852 DeWitt Co. George b. 2-22-1832 DeWitt Co. IL.. Any information is appreciated. 7/2/97 EARLIENE KAELIN




ALBRIGHT, GEORGE and CHARITY: I would like to exchange info on the family of George and Charity (SMITH) ALBRIGHT, Pennsylvania natives who moved from Wisconsin to Livingston Co., IL, in the 1870s. George, 1821-1889, and Charity, 1826-1911 (who remarried to a SAWYER), are both said to be buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, in Livingston County. Their Children were: 1. Rebecca, 1846-19??, m. William BELL, lived Forrest Twp., Livingston Co.; 2. Margaret A., 1853-????, m. Albert GRAY; 3. Bellzena "Zena Bell," 1862-????, m. George GRAY; 4. Jacob, 1845-????, of Gilman, Iroquois Co., IL; 5. Eliza Ellen, 1849-????. George, the father, was the son of Christian and Margaret (Prakner) Albright of Londonderry Twp., Bedford Co., PA. 7/2/97 RICK ALBRIGHT




CROUCH, CHARLES WILLIAM: I am trying to find information about CHARLES WILLIAM CROUCH b.19 Dec 1859 in Fairbury, IL, m.19 Mar 1890 to FLORENCE DRUZELLA BUTE in Kempton IL. They lived in IL until 1909 they moved to TX. I am trying to find out the parents names of each of the subjects as well as any other info that can be passed along. 6/29/97 RUSSELL D. CROUCH




HARRINGTON: Seeking any info on the family of Peter HARRINGTON, born 1836. He was found in the 1880 and 1900 census as living in Dwight Township, Livingston County. Not sure what his first wife's name was. Remarried to ELLEN ?, who was born July 1847. Peter died and was buried in Campus. Know of 10 children; MIKE, DEN, DAN, PETE, JOHN, ART, GEORGE, CECELIA, KATE and MARIA. GEORGE was born in 1876. GEORGE married KATHERINE ANDERSON. GEORGE'S family is buried in Franklin, Morgan Co., IL. 6/28/97 BECKY TANKERSLEY




McDOWELL, ANDREW JAMES: My grandfather, Andrew James McDowell, was one of the earliest pioneers in Long Point, IL. I have quite a bit of knowledge about him, but I am also interested in finding out more about his younger brother, Jeremiah McDowell. Jeremiah married an Ellen Foster and they had two or three children. Sometime around 1860 Jeremiah moved, perhaps to Iowa or Kansas. 6/27/97 MAURICE McDOWELL




RIBORDY, PELLOUCHOUD: I am looking for information on these surnames. 6/24/97 THERESA BRANDON




AMOS, FREDDY ALBERT: FOUND old (1800s) photo. Name on back is Freddy Albert Amos ,a boy about 4-5 yrs old. The only other info I have is the photographers name on the back . A.L. Leach in Dwight, Illinois. I am hoping to put photo back into family hands. Any help you can give will be appreciated. E-mail COUNTY COORDINATOR if you know where a member of the Amos family of Dwight can be found. Thanks. Annette




CLARK: Seeking information on Daniel CLARK, age 72, listed in 1900 census, living with wife Harriet, age 74, in Charlotte Twp. DIXIE HOUGEN




MICHAELS, VANDERKAR: Mary E. VANDERKAR married Friedrich Wilhelm Bernhard MICHAELIS (later, William MICHAELS). Listed in the 1880 USA Census - Livingston. I am interested in learning about the VANDERKAR family and its background. This family later moved to Adams county, Indiana. C. ROBERT APPLEDORN




TODDEN: I am researching the Todden family who came from Hanover, Germany about 1850. Two brothers and a sister, some as young as 10 came together. William Todden b. Aug 1840 Hanover, Germany. m. Martha ?. Data from 1870 Census Fairbury, Livingston Co., IL. Descendants moved to norhtern Missouri and southern Iowa. LAWRENCE G. MAY




MCDOWELL, DEVER, WILSON, BLUE, FELKEY, HEFNER, CRULL, RAMSEY, HANNA, MCARTHUR, WEIGEL, ULFERS, HANSON. Researching in Livingston Co. the above surnames . These names were generally in the southeastern part of Livingston Co. in Avoca and Indian Grove Townships near the towns of Fairbury and Pontiac. The time period covers 1833 (before the county was formed) to the present. SUSAN ULFERS CAMPBELL




MILLIGAN: I am trying to find where my great great grandparents are buried they lived in Livingston county in 1850-- on Section 16 29 N and 04 East the land record is dated Sept 6 1850 and 1849 he paid 80 dollars for lot14SESW and lot 10 NWSE Their names were John Milligan and Mary Milligan they supposedly died in 1852 and 1853 and should be buried in Scattering springs or Point I have found it called both ways So far I have not found a death record or place of internment He had a daughter I believe her name was Hester and she married John McCauley they were living on land in 1852-- would like to find more on this family and also if Ican locate cemetery John Milligan and wife are buried in . PAT SPROAT




RICHARDSON: I am seeking information regarding the EZRA RICHARDSON and his family. When the 1900 Census was taken for Nebraska Twp., Livingston Co., Illinois, EZRA RICHARDSON and his wife, IRENE RICHARDSON, and their children -- MINNIE RICHARDSON, JOHN RICHARDSON, MAY RICHARDSON, ETTA RICHARDSON, ROY RICHARDSON, MARTHA RICHARDSON, DELLA RICHARDSON and LLOYD RICHARDSON were enumerated. ALLEN GRAY




FRUIN, CUSHION: Seeking information on Robert FRUIN (b. 1797 Tipperary, Ireland) and wife Ellen CUSHION. Both were supposedly buried in Livingston Co, IL. Any information welcome. Would be happy to exchange data. KAREN AUSTIN




MERRILL: Hello, I don't know if you can help me or not, but I hope you are able to at least guide me. I've just started looking for my family roots, and at least two of them lived in Pontiac, IL and may be buried there. Their names are James G. and Melinda MERRILL. He died at 79 around 1922, and she died in 1919 at 67. I would appreciate any feedback, and I appreciate your time. PATRICIA KENSEL




KIME : Researching the KIME surname in the Dwight, Livingston County, IL area. My great grandmother was May Kime Colstock, the daughter of Paul Kime. Would love to hear from those researching the Kime surname. Any cousins out there?MARIAN BIEGEL




FINLEY, MARY ANNE (Ingoldsby): I am trying to find the birthdate, birthplace, and marriage date of my great, great grandmother, Mary Anne Ingoldsby. I have a feeling that she immigrated from Ireland but I'm not sure. She married William Edward Finley, who was born in Ireland and lived from 1847 to 1899. They had a son, Daniel Finley, who was born in Dwight on Aug. 21, 1885 and died in September 14, 1938. Would census records from 1880 or 1890 have any of this information? SCOTT FINLEY




IVINS, CLARK, CRUMBAUGH, TUTT: Seek information on John Ivins (born ca 1822-24 in New Jersey and died 5 June 1896 in Chicago, IL) and Alice Clark Tutt Ivins (born 23 July 1836 in Kentucky and died 4 May 1894 in Chicago, IL). John apparently arrived in Illinois ca 1856 and was living in Bloomington, McLean County, IL in 1860. At that time he was married to a Caroline____. Caroline died in Bloomington in 1861. Alice, daughter of John Clark and Mary Crumbaugh, married John Tutt in Kentucky and moved to McLean County, IL ca 1860. John Tutt died in the Civil War. John Ivins and Alice Clark Tutt married in 1863 (in Bloomington) and moved to Chicago, IL ca 1870. John Ivins died 5 June 1896 and Alice died 4 May 1894. Both were buried at Dwight, Livingston County, IL. John Ivins worked for the railroad (at one point, when he was in Chicago, he worked for the Michigan Southern & Indiana Northern). Because John and Alice Ivins died in Chicago but were buried in Dwight, I assume they may have lived in or around Dwight at one time. Any information about these people would be most appreciated. PAUL FROST




MITCHELL, MORRISON: I am trying to gather info about my gg grandfather Alonzo Mitchell, his son David Albert Mitchell who lived in Cornell Ill (b. 1854 in LaSalle Co.) married Josephine Clarissa Morrison . Am particularly interested in siblings of David and Josephine i.e. Adam Francis Morrison, William Walter Morrison, Sade Morrison Gleim, Elizabeth Morrison Poole. I don't know of any Mitchell siblings. MARGO KNEPP




GOODRICH, ROYAL:  Would like to exchange information on the Gardner C, GOODRICH family of Saunemin per the 1880 Census. I am particularly interested in the ancestors of Nancy Fravor, his wife. There daughter Amanda M. married Thomas W. ROYAL 22 March 1842 in Grundy Co., IL. DONALD D. DERR




BUNDESEN: Simon BUNDESEN & Hanna Smith married 2-27-1879 in Dwight Two. Children: Anna, Mary, Jens, Lena, & Elmer. NOVA POPOVICH




RICHARDSON: I am seeking information regarding the EZRA RICHARDSON and his family. When the 1900 Census was taken for Nebraska Twp., Livingston Co., Illinois, EZRA RICHARDSON and his wife, IRENE RICHARDSON, and their children -- MINNIE RICHARDSON, JOHN RICHARDSON, MAY RICHARDSON, ETTA RICHARDSON, ROY RICHARDSON, MARTHA RICHARDSON, DELLA RICHARDSON and LLOYD RICHARDSON were enumerated. ALLEN GRAY




SARGENT: I am looking for the burial place of MARIAN SARGENT that was killed in a train accident in Aug. of 1893 in Forrest, Il. He was married to BIRDIE SLUSHER SARGENT and had an infant son. He was from Ky. Is there train records that might tell where he is buried? I have his death certificate but it does not list the cemetery. Was there an inquest since his death was accidental? He worked for the train and fell under the wheels of the train while signaling from the caboose. PEG OLSON




JENKINSON, WILL: Researching: JENKINSON, WILL . Would like to hear from descendents of Cora Jenkinson Will b1870 and Archie Will b1870 (they married 1890). They moved from southern Ohio to Odell, Illinois, had 8 children, and were there in 1902. Would like death dates, even from cemetery records. Would be glad to share. KAY WILLIAMS