McDowell, Ill. History


            The village of McDowell is situated on the east line of Avoca Township, five miles southeast of Pontiac on the Streator branch of the Wabash Railroad. It has a post office, West Union telegraph, Pacific express and Livingston County telephone facilities for communication with the outside world. It is located in the midst of a rich farming region. The grain shipments for 1897 were 304 cars, 140,000 bushels of corn and 100,000 bushels of oats. The charges on freight forwarded from this station in 1897 amounted to $7,175. It is located too near Pontiac to be much of a trading point. The charges on freight received for the entire year 1897 amounted to less than $200.


            McDowell Business Directory 1898

            A Methodist Episcopal Church is located here. Rev. P.A. St. John is pastor.

            The Middle Division Elevator Co. William Greiner, Manager, grain

            J. K. Ostrander, General Merchandise and post master

            Arthur A. Coulter, Railroad and Express Agent

            J. Breedlove, Blacksmith.

            William Greiner, Coal