Emington, Ill.  History

            Emington is an incorporated Village in Broughton Township. The village has 300 inhabitants and commands the trade of a fertile region, making it an excellent market.  It is situated on the main line of the Wabash Railroad, seventy-seven miles from Chicago and six miles from Saunemin, the nearest bank location.


1898 Emington Business Directory


            St. Mary’s Church, Rev. V. Hellstern, rector.

            Congregational Church, Rev. J. Rodney Barnes, pastor

Secret Societies:

            Emington Lodge No. 174, Independent Order of Mutual Aid.

            Emington Camp No. 1361, Modern Woodmen of America

            Crystal Fount Lodge, No. 329, Good Templars

            Fort Sumter Garrison, No. 148, Knights of the Globe

            Emington Camp No. 550, Royal Neighbors of America

Cigars and Tobacco:

            J. F. Johnson, dealer in all kinds of Confectionery, cigars, tobacco and

                        canned goods of all kinds.

            Olin Lewis, Barber, Confectionery and Cigars.

Contractors and Builders:

            William Hagen, Contractor and Builder

            G. Harding, Contractor and Builder

Dry Goods and Groceries:

            Shelly & Brady, dry goods, clothing, shoes, groceries

            George W. Schulz, dry goods, clothing, shoes, and groceries

            J. L. Lower & Co., dry goods, clothing, shoes, groceries, and wall paper


            Taylor Brothers, grain and stock

            Herb Brothers, grain and coal

Hardware and Farm Machinery:

            Neuhoff Brothers, hardware, farm machinery, furniture and undertaking

            Skinner & Brown, hardware, farming implements, buggies, harness,

                         furniture and undertaking

            Lumber and Coal:

                         C. B. Gordon, lumber and coal

            Painters and Paper Hangers:

                        John Bowes, Painter and Paper Hanger

                        W. F. Baker, Painter and Paper Hanger


                        L. H. Wikoff, Drugs, paints, wall paper, Emington House

                        L. H. Wikoff, postmaster

                        C. P. Wikoff, Physician and surgeon

                        Bert Jacobs, Real Estate and Loans

                        William W. Nickerson, Blacksmith

                        Miss Eliza Reilly, Millinery and dressmaking

                        J. B. Watts, Poultry

                        O. P. Ball, railroad and express agent