Charlotte, Ill History

            The Village of Charlotte is located in Charlotte Township on the Kankakee and Bloomington branch of the Illinois Central railroad, four and one-fourth miles north of Chatsworth, its nearest banking point.  It is twenty-two miles southeast of Pontiac and ninety-two miles from Chicago. It has a population of 50.

            American Express Company, F. R. Manssen, gent and postmaster. There are two churches at Charlotte, the Evangelical, Rev. F. Beuscher, pastor, and Evangelical Lutheran, Rev. B. Spalding, pastor.

            During 1897 there were 472 cars of grain shipped from Charlotte 250,000 bushels of corn and 140,000 bushels of oats.


Charlotte Business Directory

F. R. Manssen, Postmaster and American Express Agent

Sterrenberg & Manssen, General Merchandise, Farm Implements and Lumber

The Middle Division Elevator Co. J. B. Grotevant, Manager, Grain  

J. B. Grotevant, I. C. R.R. Agent

F. S. Cooper, Implements and Blacksmithing

Frank Cooper, Harness Dealer

H. Gerds, Restaurant and Confectionery

J. Wortman, Shoemaker

S. Morgstein, dealers in iron, rags, bones, rubber, zinc, copper, brass, lead, empty oil barrels, beeswax, ginseng root, hides, pelts, wool, tallow, fur, etc.

Evangelical Church, Rev. F. Beuscher, pastor

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rev. B. Spalding, pastor



Livingston County Business Directory 1898