History of Campus, Illinois

The Village of Campus is situated in Round Grove Township on the Wabash Railroad. It is located about 20 miles northeast of Pontiac and 11 miles southeast of Dwight. It is surrounded by rich farming country. The population of the village is about 250 (in 1898). It has the Western Union Telegraph Office, Pacific Express and money order post office. The village had a disastrous fire in 1897 that destroyed three of the business houses. A fine brick structure was built on the ashes. A fine deposit of tile clay has been opened and a large factory making tile, brick and flower pots in in operation. The Catholic Church is a fine brick structure and the Methodist Church is a frame structure seating about 200, both are flourishing.

Campus is one of the best centers for the market of grain on the Wabash line. There were shipped from this station 588 cars of grain during the year 1897. The freight receipts were $13,494.49 forwarded and $4,731.80 received. The traveling public spent $1,572.78 for railroad tickets.

1898 Campus Business Directory


J. P. Hance, Barber

John James, Barber

Brick and Tile

Campus Brick and Tile Works – Mamer Bros. Proprietors, brick and tile

General Merchandise

Waybright & Brophy, dry goods, clothing, groceries and hardware.

Thomas Feehery, dry goods, groceries, shoes and wall paper.

Walsh Bros., dry goods, clothing, groceries, hardware, wallpaper, furniture, and Undertaking


M. R. Walsh, Grain, Livestock, Coal and Farming Implements.

Maguire Bros., Grain, Lumber and Coal

Hardware and Farm Machinery

Moloney & Brassel, Hardware, Farm Machinery and Harness

J. D. Brophy, Farm Machinery, Buggies and Bicycles

Thomas Connor, Farm Machinery


The Campus House – O. Nelson, Proprietor


J. M. Dunn, Saloon

O’Brien Bros., Saloon

P. J. Ferguson, Saloon


W. W. Parker, Blacksmith and Wagonmaker

Thomas Kearney, Livery and Feed Stable

B. Broughton, Meat Market

P. J. Reynolds, Physician and Surgeon.

Secret Societies

Campus Camp, No. 2619, Modern Woodsmen of America

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