Queries for 2006


UERIES WILL BE POSTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please just post a query only if you have a link to Livingston County, Illinois. Make the query brief so we will be better able to assist you in your search. Queries will be posted for our searchers to respond to. Your hosts will reply only if we have pertinent information about your family. Thank you for visiting our County Page. We welcome any Livingston County information you would like to share with our visitors. Feel free to email me. Happy Hunting. 


LEASE NOTE: I have not had any requests to post queries in 2006 or in 2007. I feel that is because I have a close relationship with my researchers and have tried really hard to help you myself.  However, posting queries is a really good way to leave your footprint where others can see who you are researching and you just might find some unexpected help.  When you visit my website, consider leaving me a query to post.  Annette


Email me! ANNETTE  

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