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HEFFRON, JOHN: Born about 1838 n Ireland, was in NY prior to 1860, possibly prior to 1850. He married Margaret Boggins, who was born in 1836 in Ireland. Moved to Illinois, resided in Round Grove Township about 1870. They moved to AR by 1880. Patricia Heffron Marburger 10/27/05

HOWARD/BENNETT: I have 2 families that settled in Cornell, Amity, Livingston Co., IL about the same time, in the late 1850's early 1860's. First is my 3rd great-grandfather David Howard. He was born abt 1819 in NY and entered into the Civil War 1861 and died outside of Atlanta, GA in 1863. I am interested in finding whatever info that I can on him. I know that he also bought land abt 1862. My great-grandmother Josephine Howard was born in Amity in 04/1859. David's wife Eliza J. died in 1873 and is buried in Earp Cemetery. They had a son named Alvah that also fought in the Civil War and was mustered out in Washington DC. I cannot find anything else on him. The second family is my 4th great-grandfather, Thomas Bennett and wife Nancy. Thomas died prior to 1860 and Nancy died prior to 1880. She lived with her son Joseph. Any help that you would be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.  RICK ELGIN 4/17/05

DODGE: I am researching members of the DODGE family. They were located in Livingston and LaSalle counties in the late 1800s & 1900s. In particular I'm looking for the family of George E. Dodge (1851-bef 1920) who is listed in Fairbury in the 1900 census. It appears they moved to LaSalle County prior to 1910. His son George E. Dodge (1877-1956) is listed in Long Point in the 1920 census and Vermillion City in the 1930 census. (His children include Idella, Dorothy, Florence, Harold & Esther.) I have been led to believe that some of the family are buried in Livingston County. I have located a few members of the elder George E. Dodge's family buried in Riverview Cemetery in Streator, Illinois (via the internet) and I believe more are buried in La Salle County. Also, I'm trying to locate the gravesite of ASAHEL DODGE, the father of the elder GEORGE E. DODGE. Asahel was a Civil War veteran from Michigan who was living in or near Fairbury when he died in 1897. I have some original written material noting that. I also was able to find a newspaper article in the Dominy Library regarding his death, but it did not say where he was buried. At the Allen Co. library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, I once found a book that listed Civil War veterans' burial sites. He was listed in it as ISAHEL (or something like that - I know it started with an I) DODGE. I have, however, misplaced a copy of that information. While searching through the cemetery in Fairbury, I was unable to find anything. His wife's name was MARY J. DODGE (I have no idea of her maiden name) who was born in 1821 or 1824 in New York. She was living when Asahel died, but I cannot find her in the 1900 census. PHYLLIS CORNER 4/15/05


BARKER/KRING REUNION: I am inquiring about my great-great-great-great grandfather Christian Kring, married to Anne Catherine Franz Kring, who originated in Germany in the 1700's. If you know of anyone who is a relative of the Kring Family who lives in the area, please feel free to share my interest in the Kring family name with them, or if you have had any requests from others who have email capability, please email me in return. We are planning a Barker/Kring Reunion to be held at the Fairbury United Methodist Church this summer and are hoping to have contact with folks that it has been a long while since seeing them. Thank you. REV. JOHN T. BARKER 4/13/05

SNETHEN: Hi. I am interested in exchanging information with other researchers of the Snethen surname.