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QUERIES WILL BE POSTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please just post a query only if you have a link to Livingston County, Illinois. Make the query brief so we will be better able to assist you in your search. Queries will be posted for our searchers to respond to. Your hosts will reply only if we have pertinent information about your family. Thank you for visiting our County Page. We welcome any Livingston County information you would like to share with our visitors. Feel free to email me. Happy Hunting. 

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 HULTGREN/REASKA: I am DESPERATELY seeking a marriage license or certificate for John H.  Hultgren and Ella (or Ellen) Reaska probably around 1935 or 1936. Both are now deceased. Both were originally from Magnolia, IL, also lived in Wenona, IL. I have been searching for 3 years and tried all surrounding counties. Livingston is the only one left. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ellen was my mother. Thanks. Mary 9/7/04

BURT:  I am looking for information about the Benjamin F. Burt and Mercy Rebecca CAMPBELL Burt family.  They lived in Cornell, Livingston,  Illinois. Mr. Burt was born in 1821 and Mrs. Burt was born in 1832.   I would particularly like to have contact with any descendents of this couple.
I believe their daughter, Nancy Jane, lived in Cornell and was married to Theodore E. Miner.  Anyone knows anything about this family.  Thank you. 
Margaret S. Loosle Boise, Idaho. 8/4/04
HARDY, ANN/JOSEPH: I am searching for any information on the Hardy family. Ann Hardy lived in Cornell in 1888. I have not been able to find any
 info on her husband Joseph who was a mining engineer. She was a widow when my grand mother came from England and lived with her. She was also
 related to the Stott family through marriage. Thanks for any help, Grace Wallace Gathman 8/2/04
SMITH, WILLIAM: I am looking for relatives that came to America from England around 1881 or 1882.  Their names are William and Jane Smith.  They
brought with them a 7 year old niece by the name of Sarah Ellen Beastall.  I found a 1881 British Census for William and Jane Smith on the LDS website.
They lived in Livingston Co. possibly in Odell, IL.  Relatives show that Jane passed away in February of 1884.
1881 British Census
William SMITH Head M Male 40 Hughington, Lincoln, England Coal Miner
 Jane SMITH Wife    M   Female   41  Brownlow, Lincoln, England
 Sarah BEASTALL     Niece          Female     6   North Wingfield, Derby, England  Scholar
1.  I am looking for information about Jane.  If there is a death certificate.  Where she might be buried.  (Jane's maiden name was Squires and her father's
 name is Amos Squires of England.)
2.  I am looking for information on William Smith.  William was a coal miner.  Last known address was in Braceville, IL.
3. I am looking for information on Sarah Ellen Beastall.  Family history tells us that she was a housekeeper for Robert Miller in Odell, IL.  She went by a 
Nickname of Nellie and she changed her name to Miller, so Nellie Miller.  She married a man by the name of Smith.  The family does not know is first name.  
Maybe Andrew?  Until recently we did not know the Aunt and Uncle's names were Smith too.  Not sure the date of marriage.  We found a letter from Sarah's 
parents in England.  They tell Sarah that they were thinking of her on that day the Wedding was to take place.  We are guessing that this was her wedding. 
 The letter is dated 1892.  By 1898 or 1899 the husband name Smith was killed in a mine accident.  I did find a Register of Marriage dated March 13, 1899,
 Sarah married Frederick Mennerich in Odell, IL. 
 Are birth records from 1895 to 1902 available??  Sarah had five children born in Odell, IL.  Three by Mr. Smith and two by Frederick Mennerich.  I can
 provide month and year from the 1900 census records.
Any information would be appreciated. Donna Usher 7/12/04
TANDY, JOHN: you once looked up Joseph (Joe) Tandy for me in your cemetery books and I was just wondering if there was a John W. Tandy (either
Joe's son or father), a Margaret Elizabeth Tandy and/or a Florence B. Tandy buried in Livingston County. Also, as long as I have you, would there be
anybody who regularly goes down to the county courthouse who might be willing to look up a marriage for me.  I would like to know who Florence B.
 Tandy (if she didn't die as a "Tandy") married.  She would have been born between April, 1923 and December, 1924 according to her age on the 1930
census.  So she might have married anywhere between 1942 - 1952. And possibly if a Margaret Elizabeth Tandy married there in Livingston County.  She 
was born on October 6, 1911 so she might have married anywhere between 1930 - 1940. If possible, I would like to see if either one of these ladies are still
living in the area and by what name, so that I could contact one, or both, of them and see if they could help me with my family history.Thank you,
 CARRIE OLSON  7/11/04
WALKER / MOORE:  I am looking for descendants of Carey & Nancy Walker, Sylvester & Amanda Moore. Carey & Nancy moved to Illinois from 
Clermont County, Ohio about 1852. They lived in Tazewell & Woodford counties before moving to Chatsworth Township in the 1870's. Sylvester 
Moore married their daughter Amanda Louella Walker. Amanda's brother Henry was once the town barber in Chatsworth and Sylvester was the town
 cop. I have lots of info but need lots more. Any Obit or Cemetery records for Carey and Nancy would be greatly appreciated. They are buried in the 
Chatsworth Township Cemetery, NE outside of town. STEPHEN DEUTSCHMAN 17730 196th Ave S.E. Renton, Wa. 98058  5/19/04

RENNOE, ALEXANDER J.: I would like to post a query on your Livingston Co. web page. "I am looking for any information that may be available on an ancestor of my family.  I don't know how long they lived in Pontiac, however Alexander J. RENNOE died there 8 April 1939 and is buried there.  He was Catholic.  The obituary lists he is survived by his widow and a son Glen.  No name for his wife and I have not been able to find a marriage for him.  I have quite a bit of info on his family - the name originally was RENAUD and somewhere along the line was changed to Rennoe. Some info from his obituary in the South Bend, IN newspaper - (he was raised in South Bend, IN).  He was a twin to Callie A.; parents were Peter Joseph (he went by Joseph) Rennoe and Mary Victoria Clark. A. J.  was the 3rd of 10 children. "He was born in Windsor Ontario 7 Oct 1868, and came to South Bend when he was a boy. Col. Rennoe inaugurated the finger-print system of identification in the Pontiac reformatory and later was placed in charge of the finger-print bureau at the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan.  In 1923 he was appointed chief of the bureau of identification in Washington, D.C. " I would appreciate any information on this family.  Thank you, ALICE FINNEGAN 5/14/04

BRINCKERHOFF: Am looking for any info on the Brinckerhoff - moved to Dwight in the early 1850's from New York - father Joseph Patrick b. 1820 married to Mary Brinckerhoff bd. 1834 lived with grandfather Henry Brinckerhoff b. 1808 married to Mary Taylor 1809 - They were both shoemakers - children, Edward b. 1856 born in Ill.  William and Joanna born in NY -can't find Joseph after 1860 -Mary and children moved to Chicago - Henry and Mary Brinckerhoff lived there until after 1880 census - they probably died there but can't find death cert. or where they are. CAROL J. THOMPSON 4/3/04

HARVEY, MICHAEL: Looking for any info. that anyone would have on Michael Harvey and his wife Mary (Reece) Harvey. They lived in the Long Point area from the late 1800,s up to the time of his death about 1934.  He was my g.grandfather. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 3/11/04 CLIFF HARVEY

McALLISTER, THOMAS: I am interested in researching my grandmother's family, the Thomas McAllister's, who lived in Fairbury, Illinois, from the years 1884 to 1895.  After my great grandfather died, the family moved to Denver, Colorado.  There were also other family members who stayed in Fairbury.  One of my great-grandfather's brothers, Richard McAllister, continued living there in the 1900's.  Also my great grandmother's sister was married to a Frank Joda, and his family continued living there. Is there any way to find out whether members of the family are still in the area, and whether I could communicate with them?  I would really enjoy finding out more about the family. DONNA VAN SCHAACK  3/11/04

HIKE, EDWARD:  I am searching for information on my Great Grandfather Edward Hike (Hike’s).  Born in Germany, married in 1880 to Minnie Reinke. Died Nov. 17, 1937, at Amboy, Ill. My Grandfather was William John Hike born May 24, 1886 in Nebraska Township, Livingston Co., Il. If  anyone can help me, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you. 3/7/04 JOANNE KROEGER

SCHADE, ADAM/ZINSCHLAG, WILLIAM: Looking for information of any kind on the Adam Schade family.  The family was shown on the 1870 census of Livingston County, Fairbury. I am trying to connect Elizabeth to my Great grandfather William Zinschlag. Thank you. BOB 2/8/04

STEPHENS, GEORGE W.  I am looking for family ancestors or siblings of George W. Stephens. He was born 1813 in Wing, Il. He died in Wing, Il. He had a daughter, born abt. 1838 in Wing, Il. I would like to know the date of his death, his obit. etc. Thanks for any help you can give.  ELEANORE 2/5/04

MYER, LAYCOCK, WOODING, FARLEY, CHANEY: Seeking information on the family and descendants of Susannah (Chaney)1837-1910, d. in Iowa & Martin Henry Myer 1830-1872, d. in Livingston Co, Ill., married Oct. 1855 in Cumberland, Md., issue Eli Brice 1856-1921, married Joanna Laycock; Adelia 1859-1935, married Levi M. Laycock; William Thomas Sherman Myer 1866-1947, married Sarah Hannah Farley. Susannah's 2nd   husband was Stephen Wooding d.1902 in Livingston Co?, Illinois, married in Illinois 1874. Any help is appreciated. Need Obits. Please on any family member. CHANEY 1/30/04


BRINCKERHOFF: Am looking for any info on the Brinckerhoff - moved to Dwight in the early 1850's from New York - father Joseph Patrick bd 1820 married to Mary Brinckerhoff bd. 1834 lived with grandfather Henry Brinckerhoff bd. 1808 married to Mary Taylor 1809 - They were both shoemakers - children, Edward bd. 1856 born in Ill. , William and Joanna born in NY -can't find Joseph after 1860 -Mary and children moved to Chicago - Henry and Mary Brinckerhoff lived there until after 1880 census - they probably died there but can't find death cert. or where they are. 4/1/04 CAROL THOMPSON

IDENTIFY OLD PHOTOS: I descend from Walker Dice and Charles Hallam, the Springers and Joshua McIntosh, all early pioneers. I have dozens of photographs from mid 1800's mostly around the Civil War. I believe some are Louderbacks only two are labled.Mary S. Cornell and Orange Judd.  I would like to locate anyone who might have old photos of these families so I can identify mine. They are a little bigger than business card size.  4/1/04  JOYCE DICE METZGER

KRAMER, KATHRYN: Looking for childhood information about Kathryn Kramer born July 5, 1874 Borkum, Germany to Wert Kramer and Kathryn Jansen (Johnson) died shortly after birth of daughter. Wert and daughter Kathryn came to US after 1874 to the Chatsworth Ill. area. Family members say that Kathryn was raised by a rich aunt or banker in the area. Kathryn married John Henry Frieden Oct 22, 1892 at St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran church Chatsworth, Ill. John and Kathryn moved to Ind. 1903 with Wert Kramer along. Who raised Kathryn and where?  Wert Kramer has been hard to locate. What was his situation? Could he have been a tailor?  PAULA FRIEDEN GIEGOLD 3/0/04